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Changes in Time by C A Middleton © 2017 It was 01:47 Then time changed. Thought sprinted, yet Body remained still. It’s now 02:50. Within the gap, Universes have revolved Around smaller relatives; Joy and Death have Danced in different homes; Imaginary currency has Grown and shrunk, Causing tears to flow or Fractured dreams be … Continue reading

  • Something Missed. By CpSingleton (c) 2015 Out of a morning filled with tense, clamped thoughts A smile appears! It dances, tiptoe, into the room and clearly sings TAH-DAH! It's a long time lost, but so very gladly found! Something missed.
  • Don't laugh you'll only Encourage me. It's best if you nod and Patronise me. That way I won't feel part of The circle. I'll quietly slouch into A dark corner. No stench of mine To curl your senses. If you do find me in any way Amusing and You don't mind the Jack-in-a-box, Don't then tell me to "Shut up!" Later. You lit the fuse. Does a firework have A stop button? Neither do I. Do bangers have mute? Of course not. Remember: light at arms Length, Step back and wait. If you don't want the show Don't burn my taper. AND NEVER GO BACK TO SEE IF I'M STILL ALIVE! THAT'S WHEN ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!

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