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The biggest question I will face do far…

Soon I will have to make the biggest decision of my lifetime, as far as politics goes. Do we stay or do we go from the surreal hands of European Parliament.

In all honesty I’m still not entirely sure.

Every day a new argument rears up to stop me in my tracks. The following video, although very much biased to Britain leaving, is very compelling. 

It would certainly help if the media was less controlled by outside forces, however, that’s the state of the world at the moment: Force feed the common folk with stories regarding half-arsed reality stars and we will sit subservient.

Oddly enough, that only tells me that the leave vote is the correct path.

Europe is in a supreme mess. The French, who I have to admire for the fact that they don’t take any crap from their government, are not the only ones standing up and saying NON! There are many others discontented by unseen men and women making decisions that benefit their own pockets and not the majority.

We have to search out the news that corroborates that view, of course.

Hiding it under pictures of that fool Trump, or telling us that roaming phone tariffs will be higher if we left a “parliament” which stamps on the true meaning of the word can’t stop thoughtful people finding it out for themselves. 

We WON’T know what will happen if we left Europe and set off on our own. That is a fact. At least we will know who is actually pretending to govern us! 

Christ on a stick, if Farage can get to be an MEP then what does it really tell you about an institution that has more smoke screen and mirrors than a Dynamo magic show?!

The next question for me is, and this may sound very cynical: if I vote to leave will the results be rigged anyway…

Although that shouldn’t stop me putting a cross next to my answer.


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17 thoughts on “The biggest question I will face do far…

  1. Good luck. On the bright side thank your lucky charms ( oh wait) your lucky crumpets you aren’t an American and dealing with the very real threat of a Trump presidency.

    Posted by Tosha Michelle | May 27, 2016, 1:24 pm
  2. maybe not quite cynical enough: if we vote to leave, we won’t automatically get the good guys in; i imagine just a different pair of pockets will be lined

    Posted by Trenton Babbage Enterprises | May 31, 2016, 11:13 am

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