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Flash: sucker!!

A Brief Moment With A Vampyre. By C A Middleton © 2017 Phen tasted vague, frayed strips of broken memory regarding their earlier meeting. She carried the gift. Not all of her kind did. Flitting around and within the memories, like emotional weave, sang his lust for her. She also tasted a little infatuation: the … Continue reading

Flash: balls

Kangaroo’s Didgeridoos? By C A Middleton © 2017 I’m all for an individual’s rights. Even rights of other creatures. And since science introduced the ability to communicate with what used to be called “wildlife” and now are referred to by the PC brigade as “opposably-challenged-sentiments”, or “OCS”, the demise of certain individual species has thankfully … Continue reading

Short. Time.

Five Seconds To Go. By C A Middleton © 2017 ‘Ladies and Gentlemen! See before you, Gord Specker!’ The grinning gameshow host began. His eyes wide and unsteady, like a televangelist on sixteen Red Bull and an ounce of cheap whizz. ‘His life will end after five long seconds! Unless, of course, it doesn’t!’ He … Continue reading


Grindstone, competition holders for my fourth placed story, The Snake Charmer sent me feedback. Again: not too shabby!

Short: RUN!

Evie’s Sanctuary. By C A Middleton © 2017 The clatter and thud of metal on tarmac filled Evie’s ears. She didn’t need to look around to feel the adrenaline coursing through the veins of her neighbour friends. Self-survival, however, superseded any thought of tribal unity. They each scattered around the street to avoid detection. Evie’s … Continue reading


It’s not first place, but coming fourth in Grindstone’s short story competition for The Snake-charmer ain’t too shabby. Feeling quite chuffed this fine morn!

Short no. Tag

Tag Lines by C A Middleton © 2017 Glued to the bed by last night’s cocktail, Farrin Smorvinger, allowed his index finger to do the walking and talking for him. With a tip-tapping, reminiscent of the irregular beat of filthy water dripping from a blocked gutter, Farrin sent his thoughts around the world. His friends … Continue reading

Flash: flood

She’s Only Happy…by C A Middleton © 2017 Josephine Picklesworth liked it when it rained. And not just the tiny droplets of mist type rain. She liked the bullets of water which bounced on the tin-roof of her mind like angry midgets, pissed they signed up for the Riverdance class. It cleared the streets and … Continue reading

Flash: How I destroy the dark demons and prepare myself to continue writing my second novel in the Gheras the Wise series. I could have picked a shorter title, but it would not do to be normal would it? Or, at least, somebody else’s stilted definition of a normal, functioning human beans on toast. So, I decided I would choose a longer title. Fun, eh? Just in case you are wondering: I’m up to page 111 of Gheras the Wise and The Fallacy of the Dragons and Gheras is in for a torrid time. I read somewhere how you should always give your MC a hard time, never feed sparrows Rogan Josh and keep titles really short. Ah, well, two out three aint bad…

Flash No: yum

The Jar-man by C A Middleton © 2014   It had been a long time since I’d crossed the threshold of such a garish joint. My coulrophobia and allergies to children gripped my legs. These establishments, in my experience, had their fair share of both. I could feel the cold carving-knife of fear sawing through … Continue reading

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