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Flash: flood

She’s Only Happy…by C A Middleton © 2017 Josephine Picklesworth liked it when it rained. And not just the tiny droplets of mist type rain. She liked the bullets of water which bounced on the tin-roof of her mind like angry midgets, pissed they signed up for the Riverdance class. It cleared the streets and … Continue reading

Flash: How I destroy the dark demons and prepare myself to continue writing my second novel in the Gheras the Wise series. I could have picked a shorter title, but it would not do to be normal would it? Or, at least, somebody else’s stilted definition of a normal, functioning human beans on toast. So, I decided I would choose a longer title. Fun, eh? Just in case you are wondering: I’m up to page 111 of Gheras the Wise and The Fallacy of the Dragons and Gheras is in for a torrid time. I read somewhere how you should always give your MC a hard time, never feed sparrows Rogan Josh and keep titles really short. Ah, well, two out three aint bad…

Flash No: yum

The Jar-man by C A Middleton © 2014   It had been a long time since I’d crossed the threshold of such a garish joint. My coulrophobia and allergies to children gripped my legs. These establishments, in my experience, had their fair share of both. I could feel the cold carving-knife of fear sawing through … Continue reading


Today is Silly Sunday, so… The Plight of the Pickled Egg. Once upon a rotting bar sat a murky looking jar. Bobbing about inside discoloured vinegar half-filling the jar was a bored pickled egg. The pickled egg believed there must be more to life, but had no hands, never mind opposable thumbs, to open the … Continue reading

Flash: growl 

A Protective Girlfriend. By C A Middleton © 2017 She had hands like a navvy and wasn’t amused when he told her so. She tightened her baboon arms around his shoulders and Baltic shot-putter legs around his torso, making him grunt. She was under two things: the duvet and the misapprehension he didn’t like her … Continue reading

Flash: Fury

Tired Virgil Scolds His Culprit. By C A Middleton © 2017 Outside the boundary of constant hissing in his head, Virgil’s wife of thirty years sniffed and sneezed, farted and coughed. Was she doing it on purpose to piss me off?! He had asked himself several times. Noise. Constant bastard noise. He hadn’t slept for … Continue reading

Flash: fingers

Signs. By C A Middleton © 2017 He’d done it again.  ‘Wash the devil out of your life!’ His deeply religious mother had yelled. ‘And what shampoo will I need for that?’ He’d spat back. ‘Wash and Go To Heaven?’  It spiralled to hell afterwards. It was said amongst those who used to liked him … Continue reading

Flash: loss

Sharing With You. By C A Middleton © 2017  Some speculate that when you die you hang around for a while, because you are somehow suffering an irrational attachment to your body. Or you plod about the house because you unfulfilled plans.   But in my experience that simply isn’t true.  If that was the case … Continue reading

Flash: softy?

Noggin Strikes! By MD Stoffa © 2017 ‘I had the fever once,’ Marcus said with a shrug. ‘It came upon me like a beast. Ravaging my spirit with gnashing teeth and…’ ‘Why’re you talking like a twat, Marcus?’ The voice of Noggin bellowed over the heads of the little uncomfortable crowd of listeners. ‘You’re from … Continue reading

Flash: dear Joanna

Broken Hearts and Metaphors. By Mad Stoffa © 2017 Dearest Joanna Pumpkinface Grieves,    It has come to my attention that our time in the sun has turned to heavy showers and wild wind.  I am not certain whether this is some sort of allergic reaction on behalf of the meteorological society or the Earth … Continue reading

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