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Short. Time.

Five Seconds To Go. By C A Middleton © 2017 ‘Ladies and Gentlemen! See before you, Gord Specker!’ The grinning gameshow host began. His eyes wide and unsteady, like a televangelist on sixteen Red Bull and an ounce of cheap whizz. ‘His life will end after five long seconds! Unless, of course, it doesn’t!’ He … Continue reading

Short no: Lionel?!

Attack of the Lionel Ritchies and The Mother of Dragons. by C A Middleton © 2017 Woke up this morning feeling fine. A sentiment best avoided if the rest of the day is to follow suit. Don’t you find the same? Or, is it just moi? If I opened my eyes to a brain washed … Continue reading

short: doors

Too Many Doors. By C A Middleton (c) 2017 “Once upon a time” is frowned upon as the opening to a story these days. However, the man who narrated his tale to me began with those words, so who am I to chastise? Therefore… Once upon a time there was a young boy called Janus … Continue reading

Short and sweet dreams

Someone posed a question asking if dreams ever influence stories. My answer is below. The Girl Under The Covers. By C A Middleton © 2017 They say early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, some people say it. Darren Reynolds was one of the strange breeds who spewed … Continue reading

Short No: Oops!

Walls. By C A Middleton © 2014   Life exhausted Maria Worthington. As she trudged home after her long shift at the supermarket the heavy, cold rain poured down her ineffectual jacket collar and onto her back, sending shivers. The full shopping bags tore her arms out of their sockets and bit into her already blistered … Continue reading

Short no: monsters! 

Flush The Monstrous Toilet. By C A Middleton © 2017   Apart from the toilet, it was just an ordinary tired looking terraced house. Grey pebble-dashed and square. Set in the middle of a row of other such houses. An abode whose designer must have heard of the word aesthetics, thought it meant a drug … Continue reading

Short: Box

Fight of the Century! By CpSingleton. (c) 2017 The bout was hyped, as every boxing event was these days, as THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! There were a dozen comparisons thrown at the two warriors during the run up to the night: Ali versus Foreman; Foreman versus Moorer; the ageing warrior standing toe-to-toe with the … Continue reading

Short: question!

To those who read and liked yesterday’s short, can I pick your brain boxes, please?  I have revised the realism and wondered what folk preferred. Fanks and hope you are all well. The Incarceration of the Early Bird. By CpSingleton © 2017      Stacy Faversham lay back in her bed, struggling to fall into … Continue reading

Short: murder!

The Incarceration of the Early Bird. By CpSingleton © 2017      Stacy Faversham lay back in her bed, struggling to fall into a forgetful sleep. The hard, back-breaking, board for a mattress and Mad-axe Annie’s chainsaw snoring, in the bunk above, didn’t help to ease her mind. Stacy knew the lack of rest was … Continue reading

Short No: Mad Hatter

I haven’t been on for a while, as I’ve been a bit busy! Hope you are all groovy. I have a feeling that old service will return from now on. Here is a short I wrote for comps and mags and introduced it to my writing group. I may come back to it, as it … Continue reading

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