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A rant!

A Factual Sex Ponder… Am I actually a woman in a man’s body?! Am I?! I ask, not because I wish to lop off the Major or because I dream of life in flowery dresses. I wonder because I am presently watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and two separate moments made … Continue reading


Some people enter your life with a burst and a bluster before leaving just as fast. Other people pop in now and again throughout your years and conversations carry on from before. Yet there are those who glide in and, with the precision of a surgeon, take your heart with gentle fingers and never release … Continue reading

Standing with Manchester!!

Many will have heard about the evil act occurred during a concert filled with young adults and children last night and I’m sure you will join me in standing with those of Manchester. If you don’t know Manchester, as it seems the robot army of mindless terrorists obviously do not, then let me explain how … Continue reading

Flash: a political whatshisname.

It Was ADream. By CpSingleton © 2017 I just had a rare conversation with a spider who said he’s the reincarnated soul of Wilson J Pliggett!  He said not to worry. It will all come out in a cosh. And whoops up side your head. Your head and not mine, of course. I’m his favourite. … Continue reading

I’m back!! 

I’m back! Although the pic looks more like I’m in mid-throes of a morning dump! And I’m not. And not as you lot noticed! How. Rude! Not one policeman at my door enquiringly about my whereabouts.  If they had, I would’ve said I’ve been busy finding my head and editing like a mad man and … Continue reading


Who is Me? By CpSingleton © 2017 I woke up to snapshots of various images, all unlikely to happen around me: A table tennis game on grass, with paddles that contained no middles. All the while I played doubles on my own and was one anal bastard about the rules that I sit here, remembering, … Continue reading

Meditations on…(2)

Meditations on me. By CpSingleton © 2017 What I do I do of my own mind. It doesn’t mean I’m not  Sorry for mistakes  It means that I’ll  Fuck up again, In a different way, Learn from that, Mess up in another way, Learn from that, Muck up once more, Learn from that. On and … Continue reading

Meditations on…

Wars rage, Live’s die The nail still grows.

Heppy Yaw Near!

Well, thank goodness that year’s past! It’s not been alllll bad. Yes, there have been some legends leave and I’m sure we’ve all had friends or relatives pass. I personally saw the passing of the most inspirational, humble lady sadly leave: RIP Auntie Joannie. I can honestly say she taught me a great deal in … Continue reading

End of the year blog assessment.

I ironically set this blog running in the year that the folk with the fullest imaginations said we would explode into a trillion fragments. I recall my brother speaking to me at the time and being more than worried about the “end” as it drew near.  Anywho, unless this is the afterlife, or I see … Continue reading

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