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No. 3501

Speed Assylum by C A Middleton (c) 2017   It’s going too FAST. I need to breath. Universes skip by like an epileptic springbok, Fur coated in napalm, Squealing in fear and confused pain. My heart. My thoughts. All logical actions. Everything moving too quickly. Flashing by. Furious subliminal messaging appears Behind the squeezed-tight eyelids. … Continue reading

Short and sweet dreams

Someone posed a question asking if dreams ever influence stories. My answer is below. The Girl Under The Covers. By C A Middleton © 2017 They say early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, some people say it. Darren Reynolds was one of the strange breeds who spewed … Continue reading

No. It’s all Greek to me.

The Tragedy of a Greek Mother. By C A Middleton © 2017 My dearest Achilles, I write to you with most haste. I fear if you carry on so dangerously Your dip in the Styx will be a waste. You forget the prophesy I was told before your birth: You risk a violent death, my … Continue reading

Flash: How I destroy the dark demons and prepare myself to continue writing my second novel in the Gheras the Wise series. I could have picked a shorter title, but it would not do to be normal would it? Or, at least, somebody else’s stilted definition of a normal, functioning human beans on toast. So, I decided I would choose a longer title. Fun, eh? Just in case you are wondering: I’m up to page 111 of Gheras the Wise and The Fallacy of the Dragons and Gheras is in for a torrid time. I read somewhere how you should always give your MC a hard time, never feed sparrows Rogan Josh and keep titles really short. Ah, well, two out three aint bad…

Flash No: yum

The Jar-man by C A Middleton © 2014   It had been a long time since I’d crossed the threshold of such a garish joint. My coulrophobia and allergies to children gripped my legs. These establishments, in my experience, had their fair share of both. I could feel the cold carving-knife of fear sawing through … Continue reading

Short No: Oops!

Walls. By C A Middleton © 2014   Life exhausted Maria Worthington. As she trudged home after her long shift at the supermarket the heavy, cold rain poured down her ineffectual jacket collar and onto her back, sending shivers. The full shopping bags tore her arms out of their sockets and bit into her already blistered … Continue reading

No. 377

Originally posted on Madstoffa's crunchy house!:
The Eyes. By CpSingleton © 2014 Don’t hack the top of my head off To see what makes me tick! It’s far simpler to merely Talk to me and look into my eyes. Ask me anything you want. I will tell you. I can’t help it. I am…

No. 3106

Originally posted on Madstoffa's crunchy house!:
Goodnight. By CpSingleton © 2016 ? Your shadow is fading, Bowing out, Waving one last time, Before the blackest cloud in the wide sky swallows your sun. — Tell the angels thanks from me When they finally lay their? Warm, woollen hands upon your narrow shoulder.? They did…

Short: Box

Fight of the Century! By CpSingleton. (c) 2017 The bout was hyped, as every boxing event was these days, as THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! There were a dozen comparisons thrown at the two warriors during the run up to the night: Ali versus Foreman; Foreman versus Moorer; the ageing warrior standing toe-to-toe with the … Continue reading

Short no. boom boom

Originally posted on Madstoffa's crunchy house!:
? Making It Better. By CpSingleton © 2017 She killed herself. One year to the day, after surviving the attack by The Golden Path, she did what those bastard terrorists couldn’t. The world of media and social platforms, who played a part in goading her to that final…

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